Now a days you can’t turn on the TV, or thumb through a magazine without seeing an add for some weight loss product or program.

“Dieting” is engrained in our culture with the ultimate goal of achieving an ideal weight.

But weighing a certain amount has little to do with true health and is not an adequate way of measuring your body composition. In other words you can be light (weight) and still not be lean (fat mass vs. muscle mass).

The other problem with a one size fits all approach to weight loss is that it does not look at the various factors that cause an individual to gain weight in the first place. Diet and exercise are important, but so are hormonal imbalances, inflammation, detoxification, food intolerances and blood sugar stability.

At New Life Wellness we are interested in identifying the habits and functional imbalances that keep you from staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight for life!

Now offering:

  • Personalized eating plans
  • Exercise recommendations and collaborations with local trainers
  • Stress management support
  • Medical grade detoxification
  • Nutritional and herbal supplementation
  • Health coaching
  • Comprehensive lab testing
  • Injectables to target weight loss and energy
  • hCG protocol

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