We strive to give our patients the highest level of care possible and view our relationship together as a partnership. We expect patients to be proactive in their health care and to take action toward implementing the therapeutic lifestyle changes we develop together. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns related to your treatment plan please feel free to contact us at info@newlifewellness.net or by calling 706-688-WELL (9355). We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with you on your wellness journey!


Wellness Care

It is our primary focus to support patients in reaching their wellness goals. This being said it is important to us that our patients retain care with a primary care doctor because we are not able to provide acute care or sick visits at this time. We also are not able to manage medication refills for drugs provided by outside providers. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns related to our practice parameters.


CHARM Electronic Health Portal

When you become a patient with New Life Wellness you automatically receive an email inviting you to create a login with the secure CHARM Patient Portal. Here, when logged in, you can safely access your medical records including lab results, handouts, treatment notes and more. You can also request appointments through the patient portal.

ATTENTION NEW PATIENTS! Prior to your initial evaluation you must complete your New Patient Adult Intake and the Medical Symptoms Questionnaire. It is preferred that you complete all intake forms 1 week before your scheduled appointment to allow us time to review and prepare for your visit. If you are having trouble accessing these forms in CHARM please let us know.


Cancellation Policies

Because we have extended visits with our patients and limited availability it is extremely important that you our patient avoid missing your appointment or cancelling last minute. In order to avoid confusion we have outlined our cancellation policies below.

Initial Visit: In the event you miss your initial visit or cancel less then 4 days before your scheduled appointment you will be charged $150.

Follow-up: In the event you miss your initial visit or cancel less then 2 days before your scheduled appointment you will be charged a $50 fee.

In order to schedule an appointment we require all patients to have an active credit card on file. Nothing will ever be charged to your card unless you violate the cancellation policy.

We will make every effort to remind you of your appointment by both phone and email, however this is ultimately your responsibility. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns related to our cancellation policy.



All payments are due at the time of service.  We are an out of network provider with all insurance providers and do not submit claims for payment to insurance providers.  

We do accept FSA, HSA, HRA cards that contain a credit logo (Visa, MasterCard) as payment for service.  

We can provide you with an invoice of services received with us, that you may submit to insurance for possible reimbursement.



The lab companies we use for conventional lab testing (True Health Diagnostics, Vibrant America, Boston Heart Diagnostics) accept most insurance plans. We can review lab coverage in more detail once we collect your insurance information at the time of the visit. In the case our lab companies do not accept your insurance or you do not have insurance coverage, we have affordable in house testing rates.

Fees will apply to specialized functional testing.*   These tests include but are not limited to: 

*Medicare covers most functional testing at 100%